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A Letter from Diane Engel, Founder and CEO

I founded
i can do that for you! in 2000, when someone very wise told me that I should try earning a living doing something I love to do. This business is a result of a true ‘Ah ha!’ moment – I call it my millennium epiphany.

I have worked as a corporate professional in a number of companies, always as a Production or Project Manager in the Creative Services arena. Why couldn’t I apply those project management skills to gardening, an avocation that had already yielded some “just for kicks” paying gigs? Turns out I could.

The next natural step was right into Home Improvement. Armed with lots of on-the-job training, natural inquisitiveness and a Department of Consumer Affairs Home Improvement License, I was off and running.

When it comes to solving problems, getting organized or finding a better way, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel each time. Thinking outside the box can only be effective if it is linked to designs and routines that are truly practical and work within the context of a person’s life and work. I come from a long line of problem solvers. I am proud of my reputation as an honest, resourceful, organized and articulate businesswoman. To me it is about helping people. So, what can I do for you?

DCA Licenced Home Improvement Contractor
BBB Accredited Business

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